This past summer (2018) the mountain resort I work for hosted major mountain biking and cycling competitions. I spent most days this summer working at the zip line and was chatting with a pro cyclist who mentioned one of the perks of his job is getting to travel the world and he’s lucky to have been to 30 countries through work despite being only 41. I immediately started counting how many places I’ve visited, realizing that I’d already been to 10 countries and I don’t get paid to travel! (I’ve since been to 24 countries.) I was already planning a new trip and thought, why don’t I see what a timeline would look like to see 30 countries in the next few years. I’m fairly certain I’m not a contender for Forbes 30 Under 30 list, but I’ve also realized in the past few years that my life isn’t about taking the traditional routes. That’s when I set my own goal: See 30 countries by the time I’m 30. The clock is ticking I turned 27 in January 2019! Here’s an outline of my plans:

Spring 2020 – Africa (+4)
Fall 2020 – Antarctica (+1)
Fall 2021 – India (+1)
Winter 2022 – Turn 30 with an entirely new perspective!

If I’m able to stick to the above I will have also visited every continent. Finances are the biggest variable of the equation and may force me to change some of the design for #see30by30 but however it happens I know it will be incredible and transformative.

Girl photographing mountains

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