Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

Visit New Zealand… never leave!

May 16, 2019
girl in front of lake Queenstown

Recently my parents taped a Smithsonian Channel special called Aerial New Zealand for me to watch. I was thrilled when I realized that I had been to most of the places featured. I had long wanted to visit New Zealand, and I knew I wanted to experience all of it, trekking from top to bottom of both islands. I’m pretty confident that after spending many weeks I really…

Australia and New Zealand

Australian Outback Adventure

May 8, 2019
Uluru rock formations

Visiting the Outback is an extremely special and rare experience – so much of Australia is truly another world it is so remote. You can rent a car and explore on your own, but I don’t really recommend it. Traveling with a tour or group is a lot safer as you can break down in extreme temperatures and not see another vehicle for hours. Outback Australia also uses…

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