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The Healthy Snack Foods I Love

September 24, 2018
chart of healthy snack options

I’m a constant snacker and usually pack several healthy snack foods with me in my bag. These are my favorite guilt-free munchies.

Silk Yogurt

Silk is the best vegan yogurt in my opinion as the soymilk version has 6 grams of protein vs. 1-2g in the coconut milk, cashew milk and almond milk varieties I’ve tried. The consistency is the same as dairy yogurt to me. I do miss Greek yogurt and hope to find a vegan yogurt that is similar to that. The only gripe I have with Silk yogurt is that there are few flavors but I like blueberry best, followed by vanilla and strawberry.

I have a peanut allergy, but can eat all tree nuts so it’s always been tough for me to find a protein bar I can eat. I used to go through the trouble of making my own Kind bars before I found Larabars. Funny story: anytime I took my homemade bars through airport security TSA agents always wanted to check them out. One officer told me the way I’d wrapped them in parchment paper looked suspicious but ended up asking for the recipe once he saw they were just delicious snacks! Larabars are so much easier and they have so many flavor selections. My favorites are pecan pie and key lime pie but I also like blueberry muffin, mint chocolate chip brownie and cookie dough.


Harvest Snaps
I can seriously eat an entire bag of these in one sitting. They are super affordable (usually about $1) and they are sold in the produce aisle of Walmart, Publix, Kroger, etc. I just like the lightly salted variety but I’ve also tried the black pepper version (pepper ends up in my teeth so be careful if eating in public) and the black bean chipotle lime (so yum but I can’t eat all the time as it’s a really distinct flavor). I usually eat about half a bag throughout the day if I bring it to work with me, but I never feel guilty because I’m just eating green peas and rice!


Somersaults Salted Caramel
I used to buy Somersaults before I found a protein bar that worked for me but I just got their standard version without any flavoring. I found them to be filling and pretty good, but didn’t really stick with them in favor of other healthy snack foods like nut-filled protein bars. I recently tried them again with the salted caramel flavor and they were so good! I am a sucker for salted caramel and these are super indulgent without having a lot of sugar or anything I don’t want to put in my body! I like to bring them along with some Harvest Snaps or a Larabar so I have variety since I’ll only eat a few of these at a time.

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