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Ski Road Trip: Car Camping Edition!

November 19, 2022
girl on snowboard with mountain view

In spring 2021 I took a ski road trip. I decided to check out two resorts out west – Mammoth and Timberline Lodge. I knew I wanted to spend a few weeks at each and really get to know the towns and resorts. However, I couldn’t afford to rent a place that long so I decided to car camp. I decked out my car with the following and…


Global Entry process: how to apply

March 29, 2020
global entry process kiosks at airport

Thinking about applying for a CBP expedited program? Find out what’s involved in the Global Entry process below and if the benefits will be useful to you. I love the advantages offered by Global Entry and want to help you cut lines and pass through customs without aggravation. How to get credit with Capital One When I applied to Global Entry I didn’t know that I could get…

South America

Patagonia Trip Itinerary: Argentina

March 8, 2020
girl in front of Petito Moreno glacier in Argentina

After crossing the Argentina border from Chile I continued my South American adventure. Here’s your ultimate Patagonia trip itinerary: Calafate and Petito Moreno Glacier When I arrived in Calafate I was able to start really comfortably exploring again. My experience in Chile had not been ideal so I had taken a bus alone across the border, arriving late at night in Argentina. But when I woke up I…

South America

Four days in Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls

March 1, 2020
girl walking in colorful La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires Argentina

For the penultimate leg of my South American trip I left Patagonia and headed to the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires before jetting up to the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls. Here’s my itinerary for four days in Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls: BUENOS AIRES I could easily spend another week in this vibrant city no question. I loved exploring the neighborhoods and trying tons of new delicious…


Snowshoe activities year-round

February 20, 2020
girl looking at mountains in Snowshoe WV

I had no idea how amazing West Virginia was until I visited the state’s premier ski resort for the first time. No matter the time of year check out my favorite Snowshoe activities for everything from a fun weekend getaway or full-blown family vacation: There’s something magical about Snowshoe, WV. It’s not the largest or most elite ski resort but I still chose to make it my home.…

South America

G Adventures Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

February 16, 2020
girl in front of Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail in Peru

This fall I spent a month in South America. First stop: G Adventures Inca Trail. I set out on the multi-day trek to Machu Picchu led by one of the top tour operators in the world. SACRED VALLEY I thankfully got to experience the Sacred Valley as well as the Inca trail through my G Adventures tour. Although it may be less easy to travel to these sites,…

South America

Lima and Cusco Guide: Peru itinerary

February 9, 2020
girl in front of cliffs and boardwalk in Lima Peru

Although the major tourist destination in Peru is Machu Picchu, keep reading my Lima and Cusco guide to find out why they are definitely worthy of a visit as well. Lima, the capital, is easy to fly into, but be cautious at the airport (arrange transport or Uber) as it is not located in a safe area. Cusco, a regional plane ride away, is the gateway city for…


Visit NYC like a local

September 30, 2019
Girl in front of NYC skyline Top of the Rock NYC

New York you’re perfect – don’t, please don’t, change a thing. Growing up, living in the vibrant and bustling island of Manhattan was all I could dream of. I watched Gossip Girl and Sex and the City and imagined the fabulous life I would lead as a magazine editor. Ultimately I moved to NYC in 2014 and quickly fell in love (it took me about 4 months to…

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