Global Entry process: how to apply

March 29, 2020
global entry process kiosks at airport

Thinking about applying for a CBP expedited program? Find out what’s involved in the Global Entry process below and if the benefits will be useful to you. I love the advantages offered by Global Entry and want to help you cut lines and pass through customs without aggravation. How to get credit with Capital One When I applied to Global Entry I didn’t know that I could get…


Luggage essentials for traveling light

August 19, 2019
total group of luggage essentials

Most people can’t believe it when I tell them I’ve traveled for months with just a backpack. It’s very easy to do! I used to always overpack for trips but now I’ve got the luggage essentials down to a science. Here are my tips for saving space: 1. Your backpack is important – choose one that has a hollow inside similar to a suitcase. I chose the Osprey…


Buy Travel Insurance: It Saved Me Nearly $3k

May 29, 2019
inside of airplane

The horror story you’re about to read is why you should always buy travel insurance. On October 17 I flew from a small airport in Florida to Washington, DC ready to depart on my next trip to Europe. I took the airport shuttle to my hotel, got settled and proceeded to attempt to check in for my red eye to London via Primera Air. The website was down…


Why I Left my Desk Job to Travel the World

September 27, 2018
Girl photographing sunset in mountains

From Corporate to Unconstrained I didn’t have much experience traveling growing up and by the time I got to college as a journalism major I was on a very specific track: finish as early as possible and start working in magazines asap so when my mom suggested a semester studying abroad I pushed it aside. Fast forward a few years and I’m an unhappy, recently laid off writer…


Affording Travel

September 24, 2018

Frequently when I talk to people about travel they have misconceptions that you can only travel with a huge budget or that just the air fare will cost thousands. Not true! I went to four countries in Europe after finding a $220 round trip ticket to Oslo and spent less than $2000 on everything. I could have done the trip for less. Friends always ask how I can…

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