south america

South America

Patagonia Trip Itinerary: Argentina

March 8, 2020
girl in front of Petito Moreno glacier in Argentina

After crossing the Argentina border from Chile I continued my South American adventure. Here’s your ultimate Patagonia trip itinerary: Calafate and Petito Moreno Glacier When I arrived in Calafate I was able to start really comfortably exploring again. My experience in Chile had not been ideal so I had taken a bus alone across the border, arriving late at night in Argentina. But when I woke up I…

South America

Lima and Cusco Guide: Peru itinerary

February 9, 2020
girl in front of cliffs and boardwalk in Lima Peru

Although the major tourist destination in Peru is Machu Picchu, keep reading my Lima and Cusco guide to find out why they are definitely worthy of a visit as well. Lima, the capital, is easy to fly into, but be cautious at the airport (arrange transport or Uber) as it is not located in a safe area. Cusco, a regional plane ride away, is the gateway city for…

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